Ramadan collectively sponsored an amazing iftar, in Newark NJ

Compassion Action Foundation on April 1st 2024 Ramadan collectively sponsored an amazing iftar, in Newark NJ. The collaboration included the following, Newark’s Mayor Ras J. Baraka, Deputy Mayor Ligia Defreitas, Council Member at Large Louise
Scott-Roundtree, The Newark Interfaith Alliance, Imams Council of Newark, Turkish Cultural Center New Jersey, Peace Island Institute and Compassion Action Foundation.

The iftar a clear picture of the diversity of the Islamic community. A collective prayer starting with the beautiful call, as people young and old gathered in line. A delightful meal was served. In the background engaging chatter and children’s laughter, a pleasant sound covered the banquet hall.

We are pleased to have been part of such a collaboration and look forward to more in the future. If you are one of the attendees, we thank you for joining us. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend we look forward to your presence at the next opportunity. Keep in touch and visit us at our web page,

CAF Volunteers engaged and enjoyed

The Compassion Action Foundation Director, Board of Directors and Volunteers engaged and enjoyed this informative program. We are pleased with our networking growth in the community of Imam Oliver.

Wayne, NJ Library at Black History Month …

Compassion Action Foundation had a great weekend in central New Jersey …

Compassion Action Foundation had a great weekend in central New Jersey ! The highlight of the three-day mind body and spirit diversity empowerment retreat was amazing to witness. Bonding occurring right before our eyes. Women traveled from North Jersey with plans to leave the retreat early. Their plans changed and they not only stayed late but they came back the next two days. This was the experience for all the ladies. One lady traveled from as far as Connecticut. Those that traveled from far away or those that lived 5 minutes away, desired to stay and get every bit of each workshop and anticipated the next day.

The shared cultural stories enable the attendees to gain historical knowledge, that broadened there perspective. The different cultural meals allow for some to experience different tastes and dishes for the first time. All in all it was a great success. We thank our sponsors, Central Jersey Community Center and the Muslim Journal for helping to make this Women’s Retreat a success. We invite you to keep in touch and see what we doing in the future around Building Bridges.

Woman Retreat @ Central Jersey …

A Time To Be Grateful …

We are please to say, Compassion Action Foundation attended A Time To Be Grateful Muslim Journal Conference at the Hilton Meadowlands Rutherford NJ. It was an amazing opportunity to network and build bridges. Our volunteers traveled from the tristate area as well as Texas, for this collaboration. As we worked and served together we experienced mutual personal growth. What better way to end 2023 and move into 2024. Even in troubling times, there is A Time To Be Grateful !

Two amazing days of getting to know one another….

Compassion Action Foundation and our collaborators had two amazing days of getting to know one another. A diverse group of women experienced intellectual stimulating workshops, creative art activities, cultural inspired food and a cutting edge fashion show in the California Bay area. The two day retreat began with shy engagement, by the end of the second day spirits felt full, friendships and sisterhood blossomed. If you want to have such an experience keep in touch. We are planning our 2024 Women’s Retreat schedule.

Building Bridge @ San Francisco, CA

Sharing stories around our different cultures was amazing

Bonding over food has a long running success between diverse groups of people. In Plainfield New Jersey two communities came together. This happened a result of volunteering at the. Masjidullah, food pantry established in the 1980s bad group of caring women,
321 Grant Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07060. After several years of serving the community together and getting to know each other, there is now a beautiful bond.

Compassion Action Foundation had the pleasure of celebrating with these two communities recently. The celebration took place in the new Central New Jersey Cultural Center,  80 Cottontail Ln,
suite 204 Somerset, NJ 08873
We had a delicious meal that served our bodies as well as our souls. Sharing stories around our different cultures was amazing. African American and Turkish American stories, educating and engaging. The room was full with great energy, laughter and smiles. The experience was an amazing gift. You too can get to know these two communities visit their two separate locations and engage in their service. We invite you to join us at one of our many Building Bridges events, across the United States of America. You may contact us for more information below:



CAF family we have completed another building bridge program at Egypt and Ghana

As the CAF family we have completed another building bridge program at Egypt and Ghana. We took trips to historic and touristic locations. Pyramids and historic locations of Egypt really left us amazed. We had the chance to do research for the summer school we were thinking of doing in Egypt. We visited local family homes and had dinner with them.
After we finished our program in Egypt we went to the second part of our trip to Ghana. The Almina Castle and Cape Coast Castle left us amazed. We had the chance to taste Ghana’s fresh mango and bananas. The warm hearted people of Ghana hosted us in their homes and introduced us to their wonderful cuisine. The TUDEC foundation who invited us hosted us wonderfully. We came to the decision to send our kurbani to Ghana this year for Eid-al Adha. We came back safe and sound to the United States after a successful 10 day long Building Bridge program. We have already started planning out next trip!