The day after…

The day after…
Thanksgiving day, a time for family food and togetherness. However, some are hungry and alone. It is the hope of Compassion Action Foundation to reach out to those persons. Integrity of Newark NJ and our Compassion Action Foundation Newark NJ location volunteers, deserve a big thanks,for helping us serve. For several years we have reached out to the homeless with love, kindness and a hot meal. This year two of our generous businessmen blessed us with individually packaged hot soup and sandwiches. If you want to show your gratefulness contact us for information on the next opportunity to serve.


Healing the Soul of the Nation an interfaith conference

Healing the Soul of the Nation an interfaith conference , attended by CAF. We examined the the divided body of the United States that we are experiencing today. It was assessed that the wounds are deep on both sides of the divide. It was collectively agreed that the Soul of America needs healing.

The common thread was that there is power in the collective work. It was said to use the common values of our faith traditions, respect, peace and love to educate and uplift. We must take a close look acknowledge the pains and failures then uplift. We all agreed we must begin with self and practice what we preach.

We aplod the BRIC and UMMA Charities for a much needed event. Thank you to the Respect Graduate School for hosting, on the beautiful Bethlehem, PA. As Thanksgiving approaches we are grateful for this experience.