Mission Statement

Compassion Action Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, cultural, educational, and religious purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code to serve the needs of African American communities through social, cultural, educational and religious programs that will better spread the mercy, kindheartedness, and humanity among individuals, and society as a whole regardless of race or national origin.

We believe in the communal peace and power of togetherness that kept us dynamic, strong and passionate to move humankind forward for centuries. We also believe that compassion, mutual understanding and respect differences are the most unique values gifted to human being which enable living together and in peace.

Reaching a more democratic and civilized world didn’t become so easy for humanity and yet it is in progress to proceed in this quest.

The founders of this organization acted with one goal in mind: world had been long experienced that social separations and isolations brought nothing but conflicts, wars, inequalities and famine. Curing these problems and creating a more peaceful, civilized and livable world. May only be possible through compassion, dialogue and accepting cultural diversity as richness and we are ready to convert these values in to action!

All our social programs and events are designed to promote friendship and build bridges among African Americans and shape the youth to become morally, and ethically virtuous individuals.

Our Vision

  • To oppose inequalities due to illness, unemployment, psychological and physical disadvantages with all modern instruments and most effective methods while creating a communal awareness of such issues through campaigns
  • To aid in earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters as quickly and effectively as possible
  • To offer health services to those who require them but cannot afford them
  • To provide education for children and youth who do not have access to proper schooling for economic or other reasons
  • To host and encourage social gatherings to promote the oneness of community