CAF Building Bridges virtual space, from San Francisco, CA to Central New Jersey

On Sunday September 19, 2021 the sun was shining bright on Compassion Action Foundation Building Bridges virtual space, from San Francisco CA to Central New Jersey. An enormous thank you to Brother Fatih Ates of the Pacifica Institute and Brother Savas Ozturk for hosting this event.

Imam Yilmaz Basak of the Santa Clara County Jails,shared more light with a beautiful Qur’an recitation. This warm and inviting light illuminated throughout the entire program. Imam Abu Qadr Al Amin shared his amazing life experiences. He was a young teen when him first encountering Islam at 14 years old. His Journey has taken him over 50 years in Islam. Now he is the Imam and Director of San Francisco Muslim Community Center. A space in which it has been said to parallel the United Nations with its diversity. He spoke of memories wail traveling to Turkey, for business and religious studies with fondness. His life journey full with amazing transforming successes.

Sister Laila, Director of CAF shared her families experience as Muslims beginning in the 1930’s, under the leadership of the, Honorable Elijah Muhammad (RA) continuing, under the leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed (RA) to the now the continuing bright light of the Association of those leaderships in USA. Both Sister Laila and Imam Abu Qadr shared the rich US history of African American Muslim’s, influence and participation in Religion, Education, Patriotism, Civil Rights and Economic Development. After they share their lived experiences the audience was hungry for more information looking forward to reading the many publications and hearing more lived experiences. CAF Building Bridges, a beautiful reflection of American history!!!


Building Bridge on Zoom @ San Francisco, CA

Building Bridges workshop. On September 8

We are excited to have restarted the Building Bridges workshop. On September 8,2021 in the New York state capitol, Albany
 New York ! It is great to be back ! CAF’s last Building Bridges workshop was quite memorable. We returned on March 13th 2020 to the USA,to find the news of Covid 19. The delegation of educators. with the rest of the world  standing strong and are now working in our new way. We pray for those lost to this virus and give condolences to their loved ones. Humanity is created strong! We will pivot and move forward. Visit our website for information about Building Bridges future workshops and programs.

A celebratory morning on August 28th …

A celebratory morning on August 28th at the comfortable environment of the ANT bookstore, home of the informative Fountain magazine. CAF supporter and friend Dr Jon Yasin has retired as English professor at Bergan Community College. He and the round table of business persons, educators, religious / community leaders engaged in an amazing thought provoking dialogue. One of the guests said,
 “we retire in the grave” Dr Yasin said, no more grading papers. He said he now has time for his community projects. We are pleased to share that he will have more time to engage with CAF.