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The studious spirit of Brother Al Hajj Malik Malcolm X Shabazz was present at the Compassion Action Foundation’s B February 17th 2017. The author of the books Success Is Automatic & The River of Gold Shahid Abdullah presented his extensive research on the successful economic history of African Americans before integration. The audience was intensely engaged as the heard of the magnificent accomplishments of African Americans. One of the youth attendees was a striking refreshing sign of the great future. As she took notes and asked questions it was evident we were watching a future leader in the making. Brother Faheem Muhammad Founder of Climb For Humanity and non profit that mentors children by training them to mountain climb, expressed his enjoyment of the presentation. It is our goal here at Compassion Action Foundation to bring more events like this that will continue to engage our youth and those that work with them. The Youth Are Our Future !

Winter time in Chicago is very cold,

Winter time in Chicago is very cold, however a gift of warm hearts and loving sprits from amazing sisters was experienced. Two organizations coming together, Turkish American Society of Chicago Illionios and Compassion Action Foundation Newark NJ baced hosted a women and girls retreat. The conversations around the many mutual humanitarian concerns were a powerful networking and bridge building success. Ears and hearts open and with sincerety awareness of one another was immensely enhanced. Look for us in your town soon.