The Education Projects Support have been created for students of all ages. Our goal at Education Projects is to provide students with a competitive edge in their existing academic environments and better prepare them for their academic journey ahead. Many students in today’s school system lack having the complete education experience and many times, do not feel challenged and inspired with the existing academic systems. With all the budget cuts happening with the public schools system around the city of Newark, there is a decrease in the quality of teaching, quality of classes, quality of the academic environment and the lack of extra curricular activities due to the decreased funding, school closures, ratio of class size vs teachers. We want to offer additional education to the students who are motivated and strive to gain more knowledge, through having more lessons, specific subject focus, advanced learning, customized lesson plans, extra subjects, practical subject applications to real life, more quality time with teachers and one-on-one tutoring sessions. We believe this will bring an added confidence to their studies, increase their academic aptitude, advance them in their current class studies thus improving their grades and strengthen their abilities to reach their academic goals. The main goal of our education program is to give students the opportunity to reach their full academic potential.

The mission of the Education Projects is not to replace the existing primary schools and secondary schools in the Newark area but to give a helping hand to the students in their pursuit of academic excellence.