CAF in Amsterdam / London

Bringing hope and receiving hope in Amsterdam and London. We received an amazing amount of hope from the total visit as it is our thinking we have given hope from the USA, as we shared our existing and future CAF programs. It was evident that the world has no shortage of positive and awsome people giving much needed service to humanity. However,one of the most hopeful experiences was a look into the furture. Seeing the success taking place in Amsterdam through the eyes of young people was inspiring. Our visit to an amazing school in Amsterdam and it’s technical advanced approach to education was shared with us by an outstanding young man. Two young woman, one an artist and the other a political activist shared their ideas and goals for the furture are young people are the leaders of the furture and they are ready!
In London at the Global Donnors Conference we received a wealth of information around sustainability as it relates to non profit work. Educational service was in the great majority. There was a range of organizations educating, from financial to faith based schools. It being a global conference there were a number of opertunities around African relief and micro business aid. At the heart of the network was that we are one humanity and together we have a great furture.


CAF Business Brunch

Men women and youth came together for a generational networking experience. We shared our successes and difficulties as it relates to entrepreneurship. A young artists spoke of her success with a great demand for her soulful work. Females were big at this table. A retired mother and wife talked about her on the ground experience with her downtown Newark NJ resturant and catering business. She spoke of the availability of bussiness training and the importance of taking advantage of it. Several teachers talked about education and private schools as they relate to the business world. The common thread was creativity and thinking big is the way to success. The knowledge that the human mind has the ability to emagiane and an infinate ability to expand. One of the communities successful businessmen said see it and believe it !!!