CAF Building Bridges Houston, Texas …

Compassion Action Foundation
Building Bridges Houston Texas

We borrowed from the nature of the birds that migrate to South when winter is near. CAF took a large bird better known as a jet, to Houston Texas. It was an amazing two days of inspiring and informational dialogue, hope and friendship.

We began our visit with, Friday Prayers at the Warith Deen Mohammed Masjed. The evening program was held at the Beautiful RaindropTurkish Cultural Center. CAF President and Director addressed a diverse audience made up of Educators, Business men, women, Faith / Community leaders and our coordinators. The best of all children we’re in attendance, our future leaders.

The CAF Coordinators from New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Texas shared updates on the productive services provided in their locations. We were welcomed by warm weather, warm hearts and engaging minds.

Saturday the second day, our strategic meeting was a great success. Plans for the future events and services as well as critiquing our current programs. We have an excellent blueprint for Compassion Action Foundation 2022.

All this intellectual and stimulating work builds a huge appetite. It was satisfied with a delicious traditional Texan, Turkish, and American cuisine.The day was gifted with visiting the Mercy Center in a bustling business district.

We now I understand why the birds fly south after two days we are rejuvenated. This was just the boost we needed to soar! It was put on the table to have this as an annual program give us your input what do you think? We welcome your feedback.