Ghana and Egypt Trip – 2022 Summer

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Compassion Action Foundation was last in North Carolina Raleigh Durham area …

We have now completed 30 days of personal discipline and connecting to humanity. Compassion Action Foundation has sponsored several community Iftar dinners, this Ramadan. We are pleased to have done so in person, as we are better prepared being covid safe. The shared peaceful and joyful energy was infectious. These Iftars took place in a variety of spaces, family homes, Masjid collaborations and nonprofit Interfaith collaborations.

We are renewed and ready to continue our Building Bridges program. Compassion Action Foundation was last in North Carolina Raleigh Durham area.
This was a return follow up visit. We are very pleased with the community collaborations around mentoring and other community efforts. We look forward to more Building Bridges in the tri-state area and invite you to join us.

Please visit our website on a regular basis. Look for upcoming news about our summer Building Bridges visit to Ghana and Egypt!




CAF volunteers join Respect Graduate school iftar dinner

CAF vounteers joined iftar dinner at Houston, TX


CAF sponsored iftar dinner at Masjid-i Alaka at Newark, NJ.

We been so happy to be with Iftar dinner at Mesjid-i Alaka community at Newark, NJ.


CAF and Newark community join iftar dinner…

We as CAF volunteers and or guest from Newark, NJ joined iftar dinner at Wayne, NJ. NEICC organized iftar dinner.




CAF iftar dinner @ Princeton University…

CAF did sponsor for iftar dinner at Princeton University. It was amazing.