Building Bridges in  South Jersey / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Compassion Action Foundation Building Bridges in  South Jersey / Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Our first stop Peace Island PA for a delicious Turkish breakfast and dialogue. An engaging conversation around the hardships of refugees. Retired professor Vonya is collecting the stories of Turkish refugee, women and children. Her passion for helping these women share their experiences, and bring hope to humanity. She proves through her efforts that people do care. She is not only collecting the stories but she is helping and assisting the women with healthy and safe transition into their new lives.

Masjidullah in PA was our next stop. Imam Idris, gave us a tour of the beautiful modern campus, that includes a market area, with shopping, conversing and the aroma of fresh baked goods available for purchase. The community has a private daycare and grammar school. We concluded with a conversation around collaboration. We all shared are available programs and goals. We are looking forward to collaborating on Building Bridges and other programs.

In South Jersey we shared dinner and dialogue at the restaurant, On the grill. We were very happy to have our board member Zaimah Abdullah and her family join us. The dinner dialog conversations was engaging with topics of concern. Current news events, the world opening after covid quarantining and our up-and-coming women’s retreat.

We thank you and ask you to continue to visit our website. Look out for information about CAF Women’s Retreat in Bethlehem Pennsylvania September 3rd and 4th Labor Day weekend. Save the date !